Telling: Streams & Logs

Best Day Ever

Best day ever: 2.27.17

It's Monday, moon day, start of the work week. I slept my fill and woke in the arms of a dream, close kin to waking. What shall we eat? How shall we go? What is Mom thinking? What is Watt thinking? What am I thinking? Food and suitcases. Pulling up stakes.

Drawn sharply out of sleep as Watt begins to make the bed not realizing I'm still in it. 

Thank you for the sleep and the dream and the waking with my hands tucked under my cheek. Thank you for the silk and for Watt and his waking. Thank you for Lulu and Molly and their morning quiet. Thank you for the beginning of a new week. Thank you for the courage to hold myself open, watching, rather than collapsing into what I have come to understand before.