Life is Storied: Telling is the joy of it

Life is storied

Altars & Artifacts

Altar: A space in which objects are arranged in such a manner as to resonate with spirit and invite communion.


At home with the River Dragon

Sonlight and Feathers


Tarot Songs - readings to orient myself

Mother's Journal - stories from child-rearing years, leaning into the turn of the century

Book of Days - one year of diary duets between me and the haunting man who built the house my heart calls home


Swords & Arrows

Swords: In tarot, the element of mind. This is me, thinking about things.




Streams & Logs

Log: a systematic record of events told one after another without applying any other organizing principal but time and attention.

Weather Reports

10 Things

Blessings, Prayers & Invocations



Best Day Ever

A Few Fictions

Unremembered Dreams

Dream Stories