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Best Day Ever

Best Day Ever: 3.2.17

It's Thursday, Thor's day, by Jupiter. Blessings and power. Let it be so and let it be so.

Thursday is a horse I ride, giddy with grace, across the meadow, that window of opportunity. Sound created by motion, travels out. Laughter. And hoofbeats. That drumming.

I wake into the dark and am glad of it, glad for the dark of it, the warmth and the way it holds me, the soft of not yet urgent, the graciousness of drift. How well it fits me, this time, this place. Glad of the soft consciousness that precedes movement. The venus preparing to invoke mars. Enjoying the toilet of moving myself toward beauty. Glad glad glad. That I managed yesterday's turbulence with such grace. Ready to do it again. And oh the gift of last night's sit (the return). And oh the gift of waking early.