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Best Day Ever

Best Day ever: 3.9.17

It's Thursday, Thor's day with his hammer and his thunder, making things happen in a big big way. Jupiter telling tales and casting blessings upon us. Think big. Think bold. Think wonderful.

I wish for my toilet to flush itself clear. That may not sound like a big wish, but it's pretty fundamental and feels beyond hope right now. I wish for the overdue payment to come in. I wish to get out into the day and get my errands run. I wish to hear watt laugh. I wish to catch watt's laugh in me and rock it back to him, that sweet pivoting over the laugh point. I wish for all my loves to be fruitfully engaged in their lives, their truest workings, their secret lovely wondrous flowering.

I am grateful to be here in this unfurling of my life. Grateful to wake before six and the slow rise to rising. Grateful for the breath of warmth at the grate under my toes. Grateful for battery life in this ipad. The miracle of this. Grateful for my playbooks and 1/4 inch circa discs which suit my purpose so perfectly. Grateful for remembering yesterday that it all begins with presence, grateful for remembering to take myself where I want to go.